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Focusing on running your business, and we will handle the hassle of extra papaerwork

easyCrop keeps update all your company records, register and annual return; you can run business without the hassle of extra paperwork.

Our service including:
1.) Prepare Annual Return
2.) And twice of the following services per year

  • Meeting Minutes
  • Update company, shareholders, directors and secretary status
  • Allot / Issue new shares
  • Change of directors/shareholders
  • Change of address

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Do You Know?

According to section 154 of the Ordinance provides that every company must have secretary, who may be one of the directors. There may, however, be joint secretaries. The secretary must be a Hong Kong resident or a body corporate having its registered office or place of business in Hong Kong.

Section 154B of the Ordinance provides that where the Ordinance requires anything to be done or be done or authorised by a director and the secretary (eg the singing of annual returns), the same person cannot act in a dual capacity as both director and secretary.